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09 Sep 2011The Guardian
Coast Region now advised to accept investors in agriculture
Tanzania's Coast Region residents have been advised to accept and work with investors in agriculture.
09 Sep 2011Business Standard
China tills vigorously at African agro opportunities
Speaking at the annual African Cup of Investment Management, Alex Pestana said China had invested in arable land in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique.
07 Sep 2011GRAIN
US company looking to farm rice in Nigeria and Tanzania left trail of devastation in Kenya
The people living on the lands now being targeted by US-owned Dominion Farms can learn a lot from the film Good Fortune, which provides a behind-the-scenes account of the struggle of a local community in Kenya to defend their lands from this company.
06 Sep 2011Jeune Afrique
Afrique de l'Est : terres en vue
En proposant d’injecter 2,5 milliards de dollars (1,7 milliard d’euros) dans le secteur agricole du continent noir, les géants indiens de l’agroalimentaire s’apprêtent à battre le record des deals agricoles signés en Afrique au cours des cinquante dernières années.
06 Sep 2011Udadisi
AgriSol & Serengeti Advisers: Land Grabbers ?
The debate on large scale land acquisition in Tanzania is far from over as there is a changing dynamic now as local investors team up in joint venture with foreign investors and we are made to believe that since we have one of our own in the investment venture our interests are taken care of.
02 Sep 2011Tanzania Media Forum
Foreign direct investment: A disaster
The Tanzania government has been advised to draft laws to curb acquisition by foreigners of extensive tracts of the country’s fertile agricultural land as foreign direct investment would be a disaster in years to come.
23 Aug 2011Blog de Esther Vivas
Menos tierra, más hambre
En los últimos años, la oleada creciente de privatizaciones de tierras en África (su compra por parte de gobiernos extranjeros, multinacionales agroalimentarias o fondos de inversión) ha hecho aún más vulnerable su precario sistema agrícola y alimentario.
22 Aug 2011Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Indian business leaders now eye Dar Es Salaam agricultural sector
Nirmal Seeds wants not more than 30,000 hectares of land in Tanzania to invest in seeds production to feed the local market.
19 Aug 2011Guardian
Tanzania can beat Kenya in horticulture - Indian firm
Karuturi expects to acquire 311,700 ha of land in Tanzania that is similar to Ethiopia and has already applied for 1000 ha of land at Rufiji Basin, Coast Region.
18 Aug 2011Bloomberg
Karuturi global plans $500 million investment in Tanzania food production
The company plans to lease land to grow palm oil, sugar cane and cereals in Tanzania, to add to land it has acquired in Ethiopia. Karuturi is visiting Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia as part of a delegation of 35 Indian investors.
09 Aug 2011IB Times
US firm to invest in $100 mln Tanzania farms JV
AgriSol Energy LLC, and its joint venture partner in Tanzania will invest more than $100 million over the next 10 years to develop a large-scale commercial farming project.
05 Aug 2011The Citizen
Emerging issues in agricultural investments
Within agriculture, conflicts revolve around land and water sources ownership and use. The case of Karatu Kiru valley sugarcane farming where one of the investors was killed by local community on May 31, 2011 serves as an illustration

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