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07 Nov 2011ITC
Seminar: Analysis and measures to prevent land grabbing in Tanzania
Ardhi University (Tanzania) and its partners, the UNU School for Land Administration Studies of the University of Twente (Netherlands) and MKURABITA (President’s Office, Tanzania), are organizing a one day national seminar on Land Grabbing in Tanzania.
07 Nov 2011Business Week
Dubai firm invests $500m in Tanzania
City Energy & Infrastructure will be involved in the development of a sugar plantation and sugar processing plant in an area of 100,000 hectares.
03 Nov 2011The Citizen
New land scramble worries small farmers
Tanzanian peasaants complain that the government has been allocating huge tracts of land to certain investors in the district, while refusing to allocate the same pieces of land to local groups that had applied for them.
25 Oct 2011Al Jazeera
Are foreign investors colonising Africa?
Indian author and media commentator Anand Giridharadas joins this Al Jazeera programme along with Oakland Institute’s Executive Director, Anuradha Mittal, and Christine L. Adamow, Managing Director of Africa BioFuel, a US company invested in farmland in Kenya and Tanzania.
21 Oct 2011Proactive Investors
Obtala resources agriculture JV in Tanzania gets key govt approval
Obtala's agriculture business Montara Continental intends to plant groundnuts, sunflower, sesame, soya and seed maize on 20,000 hectares.
17 Oct 2011Oakland Institute
Act now: Stop imminent land grab that threatens more than 162,000 people in Tanzania
This is a call to action to stop imminent land grabs in Tanzania
17 Oct 2011The Guardian
Tanzania: Don't fear investors, residents urged
Mwanza regional commissioner Evarist Ndikilo has advised Kilombero district residents in Morogoro region not to fear investors as they boost development in the district.
17 Oct 2011OECD
Structural change in commodity markets: private financial sector investment in agriculture
Report by HighQuest Partners for the OECD, October 2011, features 6 case studies of land grabbers: Agrica, CalyxAgro, Cazanae, Jantzen, NFD Agro and Quifel
07 Oct 2011Jeune Afrique
Agriculture : l'achat de terres en Afrique, un business sous influences
Milliardaires américains ou saoudiens, aristocrates portugais et britanniques, ex-ambassadeurs occidentaux… Derrière certains contrats signés en Afrique se cachent des personnalités du monde des affaires et, parfois, de la politique. Enquête sur ces nouveaux spéculateurs.
04 Oct 2011HowWeMadeItInAfrica
Looking for farmland in Tanzania? Try the Prisons Service
It has been reported that the Tanzania Investment Centre has partnered with the country's prison service to market the latter’s 130,000 hectares of land to investors.
03 Oct 2011Tanzania Daily News
Sun Biofuels jatropha project in Kisarawe suspended
The EU lured many multinational energy companies such as SBF to invest in renewable energies in developing countries such Tanzania where almost all projects are on the verge of collapse or shut down.
25 Sep 2011Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Why land grabbing Is detrimental to women
Land rights activists have been expressing their fears and concerns about the malicious trend of selling or leasing large farmland to foreign multinational companies and governments.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

Who's involved?

08 Mar 2015 - New York
Executive Training Program on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture