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12 Sep 2013Concord Times
Farmers in Bombali, Tonkolili worried about losing land
Farmers in Bombali and Tonkolili districts in northern Sierra Leone have said that land grabbing by multi-national companies and massive timber logging are some of the barriers to sustainable agriculture in the two districts.
03 Sep 2013The Independent
Biofuel project funded by UK ‘leaves Africans without food’
DfID accused of assisting land grab in Sierra Leone by providing aid for European energy business
28 Aug 2013Swedfund International
Sierra Leone Climbing out of poverty
Swedfund film focuses on the people living in the Sierra Leone countryside affected by the Addax Bioenergy sugarcane project.
26 Jul 2013Guardian
Sierra Leone's smallholder farmers 'worse off' after large land deals
Push to lure foreign investors has led to a rise in social problems, sparking fears of a return to conflict, warns NGO
26 Jul 2013ALLAT
Sierra Leone land grabs increase poverty and hunger says ALLAT
A new report, ‘Who Is Benefitting?', examines the impact on local communities of large land leases held by three investors in Sierra Leone.
11 Apr 2013Heute
Österreich soll Landraub in Sierra Leone finanzieren
Nationale und internationale Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGOs) erheben schwere Vorwürfe gegen Österreich. Indirekt werde von der Österreichischen Entwicklungsbank (OeEB), ein Unternehmen der Republik Österreich, ein Projekt finanziert, das Landraub (Landgrabbing) in Sierra Leone betreibe.
15 Mar 2013Pain pour le prochain
Un organe de certification suisse de "biocarburants durables" légitime l'accaparement des terres
La Plateforme "agrocarburants" est consternée par la certification accordée à l'entreprise genevoise Addax Bioenergy par la Table ronde sur les biocarburants durables (RSB).
12 Mar 2013SEM
Worreh Yeama people say no to Addax Bioenergy
On 2 March, officials of Swiss company Addax Bioenergy went to install pegs on a large stretch of boli land without reference to the owners of the land and in contrast with the lease agreement which says the company shall only concentrate on the upland.
12 Mar 2013Basta !
Accaparement des terres : quand les agrocarburants menacent la sécurité alimentaire
Alors que 13 000 personnes vivraient sur les terres allouées à Addax Bioenergy, le réseau Silnorf demande que « le droit à la sécurité alimentaire soit effectivement mis en œuvre en Sierra Leone ».
05 Mar 2013Swedwatch
“No land, no power”
Executive summary of Swedwatch's report on the Swedfund-supported Addax Bioenergy project in Sierra Leone
28 Feb 2013APIC
Parlementaires suisses et Conseil fédéral interpellés
Les œuvres d’entraide suisses demandent aux autorités suisses de s’assurer que les fonds publics versés par la Confédération ne financent pas l’accaparement des terres par les multinationales dans les pays du Sud, notamment en Afrique.
16 Oct 2012GRAIN
Who's behind the land grabs?
A slide show by GRAIN that profiles some of those who have been most actively pursuing or supporting farmland grabs around the world.

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26 Apr 2014 - Berkeley, CA
Our land: a symposium on farmland access in the 21st century
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28 Apr 2014 - New York
Global AgInvesting 2014
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