05 Aug 2015 Mehr News
Implementation of extra-territorial culture in three countries
Iranian institute starts offshore food production in Kazakhstan and will soon expand to Ukraine and Ghana. It will also look into sourcing water supplies abroad.
15 May 2015 Guardian
Without ensuring universal access to water, there can be no food security
A new report on water for food security and nutrition shows how land, food and water issues are inextricably linked. This must be reflected in policymaking.
17 Oct 2014 ABC
Big superannuation funds reluctant to value agriculture investments are encouraged to buy into water trade instead
Big institutional investors are being encouraged to get a slice of Australia's $1.6 billion market in annual water trading as a way to buy into agriculture.
19 Sep 2014 Basta !
Comment marchés financiers et multinationales accaparent aussi les mers et les océans
Les terres agricoles ne sont pas les seules cibles de puissants intérêts privés, de grandes entreprises ou de gros investisseurs. Littoraux, mangroves ou récifs coralliens sont aussi convoités.
07 Sep 2014 El Ciudadano
¿Qué es el acaparamiento de océanos?
El término ‛acaparamiento de océanos’ pretende arrojar nueva luz sobre una serie de importantes procesos y dinámicas que están afectando negativamente a las personas y comunidades cuya forma de vida, identidad cultural y medios de vida dependen de su participación en la pesca en pequeña escala.
15 May 2014 Pressenza
Protecting water and land from grabbers. For a new water ethic
Untold millions of small farmers and indigenous people have been thrown off their land to make way for land grabs. With them gone and their land and water used to grow crops for export, local communities are going hungry and without water.
22 Apr 2014 Orient XXI
Égypte, le retour du rêve fou d’un vieux pharaon
Le projet de Tochka était censé régler les problèmes démographiques et agricoles de l’Égypte. En 2008, plus de 30 000 ha ont été attribués à une compagnie saoudienne. Fin 2013, une compagnie émiratie y annonçait l’achat de 40 000 ha.
30 Mar 2014 El Informante
Acaparar fuentes de vida
El acaparamiento de tierras encierra una compra masiva de terrenos por parte de gobiernos y multinacionales. Esta tendencia afecta sobre todo a África y Asia.
18 Mar 2014 ESGlobal
Comprar tierras para tener agua
En América Latina las grandes empresas controlan el fenómeno del acaparamiento de terrenos cultivables ricos en oro azul.
27 May 2013 Business Mirror
Group opposes entry of Taiwan’s agribusiness giant at Apeco
Nan Tsan plans to engage in fish processing as its priority undertaking, for which it will lease a seaside area of 1,000 square meters, and is eyeing 10 hectares of land within the ecozone for the cultivation of papaya
24 Apr 2013 Infos Gabon
Gabon-Maroc : Ali Bongo Ondimba ouvre le Gabon-Vert aux investisseurs
Le Gabon Vert, fort de ses 5 millions d’hectares cultivables, est ouvert aux investisseurs.
20 Mar 2013 UEA
Research reveals catastrophic loss of Cambodia's tropical flooded grasslands
High-speed conversion and land-grabbing has intensified pressure on already threatened species and on the marginalised rural communities that depend on the grassland ecosystem.


Campaign launched to help support the families of three Ethiopian food security, land and indigenous rights activists.

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The formulation by the Malagasy authorities of policies and several laws involving the use of land by investors risks to organise the negation of peasants and local communities rights on their land. 

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