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02 Oct 2012Le Soleil
Vincent PALMADE : « Il y a des investissements agrobusiness qui peuvent aider au développement, d’autres peuvent être néfastes »
"Toute la démarche consiste à donner les moyens aux communautés rurales pour que ce soient elles-mêmes qui décident quel terrain à donner à quel investisseur," explique ce représentant de la Banque Mondiale
24 Sep 2012IDI
Ethiopian Indigenous people demand accountability from World Bank for contributing to grave human rights abuses
Anuak indigenous people from Ethiopia’s Gambella region submitted a complaint today to the World Bank Inspection Panel implicating the Bank in grave human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ethiopian Government.
16 Sep 2012iriscake.com
An African growth story
The public debate about the ethics of investing in farmland is being ignored by serious investors who seem to have had no qualms about buying up large tracts of land in Africa reports the Financial Times.
30 Aug 2012GRAIN
¿Inversión responsable en tierras agrícolas? Los actuales esfuerzos para regular el acaparamiento de tierras agravarán las situación
El resultado neto es una autorregulación voluntaria, la cual es ineficaz y poco fiable, y no es remedio alguno contra la perversidad de estos negocios.
30 Aug 2012GRAIN
Un investissement agricole responsable ? Les efforts actuels visant à réglementer les accaparements de terres ne font qu’empirer la situation
Jusqu’à maintenant, les efforts déployés pour réglementer les accaparements de terres étaient le fait des institutions internationales. Maintenant, le secteur privé s’engage à définir ses propres règles du jeu.
22 Aug 2012GRAIN
Responsible farmland investing? Current efforts to regulate land grabs will make things worse
From the World Bank to pension funds, efforts are under way to regulate land grabs through the creation of codes and standards. Rather than help financial and corporate elites to "responsibly invest" in farmland, we need them to stop and divest.
10 Jul 2012Il Manifesto
Il business del land grab in Africa
L’accaparramento di terre sta diventando una iattura per troppi Paesi africani.
03 Jul 2012Bretton Woods Project
New claims of rights abuses in World Bank-funded 'land grabs'
As the World Bank held its Annual Conference on Land and Poverty in April, campaigners accused it once again of facilitating and legitimising 'land grabs' that harm local communities.
25 Jun 2012Righting Food
What to do when the World Bank finances land grabs: An interview with Accountability Counsel
What can affected communities do when the World Bank Group has facilitated land grabs? For a better understanding of the practical steps that people can take, Righting Food interviewed Natalie Bridgeman Fields, the founder and Executive Director of Accountability Counsel
31 May 2012Capital.es
¿Quién se lleva sus tierras?
La especulación financiera tiene un nuevo objetivo: la tierra. Miles de pequeños campesinos sufren las consecuencias.
06 May 2012The Independent
World Bank under attack for aiding land grabs in Uganda
BIDCO project wreaks environmental havoc, hunger, and human rights abuse in Kalangala
03 May 2012FOE
Land rights and the World Bank Group: Setting the record straight
Responding to concerns raised by Friends of the Earth International and others about the impacts of land grabbing, The World Bank claims that land lease deals in developing countries can reduce hunger and poverty, and build sustainable agriculture. The facts tell otherwise.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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