08 Oct 2015 Globe & Mail
Canada: Saskatchewan residents don’t support foreign-owned farmland: survey
Nearly nine out of every 10 people who responded to a Saskatchewan government survey say they don’t want the province’s farmland to end up in foreign hands.
08 Oct 2015 Saskatchewan Government
Government of Saskatchewan releases farmland consultation results
“The vast majority of respondents do not support pension plans or foreign investors purchasing farmland in Saskatchewan. They do, however, support our government in taking a stronger role in enforcing farmland ownership rules."
23 Sep 2015 Agri Investor
Brookfield lands $100m from Oregon for new Brazil agri fund
The $70 billion Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund has approved a US$100 million investment in Brookfield Brazil Agriculture II, a $700m vehicle being raised by Canada's largest asset manager.
21 Aug 2015 Farm Weekly
Super fund's $150m farm buy
First State Super follows US and Canadian super funds with major investment in Australian almond plantations.
11 Aug 2015 Hill Times
Canada: Farmers’ organizations want clearer rules on farmland ownership in provinces
While new interest in protecting farmland in Saskatchewan has been sparked, farmers say more study is needed to understand who owns what farmland and what the various rules are governing ownership in the provinces.
10 Aug 2015 Financial Review
Australia: Canada cracks almond deal
The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board has bought Macquarie Group's owned and operated almond properties in the Sunraysia district of north-west Victoria for more than $115 million.
28 Jul 2015 Les Affaires
Qui achète nos terres agricoles et à quel prix?
Au Québec, de plus en plus de questions sont soulevées par le phénomène d’accaparement des terres agricoles.
19 Jul 2015 Mediapart
L’Agence française de développement est accusée d’accaparement foncier en RDC
L’AFD est, selon plusieurs ONG, actionnaire d’une entreprise responsable d’accaparement foncier et d’abus sociaux en République démocratique du Congo.
09 Jul 2015 Reuters
Private equity firm Fanisi buys stake in Tanzanian agro-processor
Kenya-based private equity house Fanisi Capital said on Thursday it had bought a stake in a Tanzanian agro-processing company for $6 million, expanding its footprint in the region.
24 Jun 2015 Le Monde
Le plus grand terrain du monde est à vendre pour 290 millions d’euros
Une trentaine d'acheteurs venus de Chine, du Canada, des Etats-Unis, d'Amérique du Sud, d'Indonésie, de Suisse et d'Australie sont en compétition pour ces 11 millions d'hectares.
23 Jun 2015 Daily Mail Australia
The biggest property sale on earth
One of the world's largest farms is up for sale in Australia, with bidders hailing from China, the US, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, South America and Indonesia
02 Jun 2015 RIAO-RDC GRAIN
Agro colonialismo en el Congo
Agencias de desarrollo de Estados Unidos y Europa financian una nueva ola de colonialismo en la RDC.


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The formulation by the Malagasy authorities of policies and several laws involving the use of land by investors risks to organise the negation of peasants and local communities rights on their land. 

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