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08 Oct 2014LJ4WA
Tales of Grabland
Thousands of small farmers protest against the Rivers State Government's appropriation of their ancestral farmlands to give to a Mexican company for the development of a banana plantation.
08 Oct 2014Down to Earth
Report accuses India-born businessman of unchecked land grabbing across continents
Sivasankaran’s land grabbing spree has threatened millions of livelihoods, says report
07 Oct 2014CPJ
Big businesses attempt to muzzle critical reporting in India
"My particular case is not just to intimidate me, but to silence all further reports on [Karuturi] and his company's operations in Africa," Acharya told CPJ.
07 Oct 2014Huffington Post
Mozambican peasants vs. the great African land grab
"Our land is being occupied without our consultation," say Mozambican peasants.
07 Oct 2014Inclusive Development
Displaced Cambodians file OECD complaint against ANZ Bank for financing massive land grab
A formal complaint filed to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) against Australian ANZ Bank. The complaint was lodged on behalf of 681 families who were forcibly displaced.
07 Oct 2014Opalesque
Investors, hedge funds flock around opportunities in agriculture
"The buzz has actually been agricultural investment conferences, where about one tenth of the people seem to be people I recognize from the hedge fund circuit."
07 Oct 2014ABC
Govt asked to intervene between ANZ and poor Cambodians
Inclusive Development International sent a letter of complaint to the Australian Government outlining how ANZ was a part financier of a sugar plantation in Cambodia which saw almost 700 families forcibly evicted.
07 Oct 2014NIgeria Tribune
Niger is number one rice investment destination in Nigeria —Commissioner
Niger State Commissioner for Agriculture says Aliko Dangote is coming to Niger State in grand style with a request for 50,000 ha of land in the flood plain bank of River Niger for rice and sugarcane production.
07 Oct 2014Huffington Post
Unprecedented case filed at International Criminal Court proposes land grabbing in Cambodia as a crime against humanity
If the Cambodian government is held to account for these crimes, other governments and the companies involved will have to heed the warning and recognise that land grabbing is too big a price to pay for doing business.
07 Oct 2014Mint
Spanish activist group accuses Sivasankaran of global land grab
GRAIN’s report accuses the Siva Group of land grab in many countries across South America, Africa and Asia
07 Oct 2014GRAIN
Feeding the 1 percent
An IT billionaire's foray into agribusiness paints a disturbing picture of today's farmland financiers.
07 Oct 2014Channel News
Cambodia land grab victims seek ICC 'crimes against humanity' probe
Aid groups estimate that 770,000 people, or 6 per cent of Cambodia's population, have been evicted since 2000, including 20,000 people in the first three months of 2014.
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