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23 Feb 2015Greenpeace
Chimps' survival of little concern to agribusiness
Homes of chimpanzees destroyed by agribusiness companies – many foreign-owned – who are clearing vast tracts of rainforest throughout west and central Africa to make way for plantations producing palm oil, rubber and other commodities.
23 Feb 2015Fiji Times
Fiji: $10m investment for rice industry
Korean rice company, Grace Road Company Ltd, in Navua is looking at investing $10 million in the revitalisation of the rice industry in the country and in expanding its farm.
23 Feb 2015Mareeg
Somalis need to learn lessons from the legacy of land grabbing in Africa
Somalia’s farmland similar to its neighbouring countries is in danger of falling into the hands of transnational companies often in partnership with governments sometimes supported by the local elites.
23 Feb 2015Reuters
Nestlé: Shedding a light and engaging on land rights
The newly created International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, funded by Sweden, will start pilot initiatives to reform land tenure in developing countries.
21 Feb 2015The Diplomat
Cambodian land conflicts surge
In a statement released Thursday, The Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (Licadho) said it had registered 10,625 families newly affected by land conflicts in 2014, more than three times the number of families documented in 2013.
20 Feb 2015TuK Indonesia
Tycoon-controlled oil palm groups in Indonesia
25 large tycoon business groups control 3.1 million hectares of the total planted oil palm plantation in Indonesia. And another 2 million hectares of undeveloped land banks under control.
19 Feb 2015Guardian
Battle to feed the world pits small farmers against big agriculture
Large-scale agricultural production will benefit private-sector firms rather than poor people, Grain says, noting that financial companies and sovereign wealth funds are responsible for about a third of the deals.
19 Feb 2015Reuters
Despite hunger, Mozambique leases huge land holdings to foreigners
Mozambique, a country wracked by hunger, has signed away land concessions three times larger than Greater London to outside investors in the past decade, displacing thousands of farmers in the process.
19 Feb 2015BusinessDesk
Shanghai Pengxin aims to double its NZ farm assets
The New Zealand farm group arm of the Shanghai Pengxin Group owned by Chinese billionaire Jiang Zhoabai says it plans to double its $500 million of local assets within the next five years.
19 Feb 2015The Ecologist
UN, banks and oil palm giants feast on the stolen land of Uganda's dispossessed
UN Agency IFAD is robbing poor farmers and farming communities of their land and livelihoods, leaving them destitute, and handing over their wealth for plunder by foreign corporations and profiteering financiers.
19 Feb 2015World Bulletin
Land disputes triple in Cambodia in 2014: rights group
Local NGO Licadho says registered more than 10,625 families newly affected by land conflicts.
19 Feb 2015Act Now
PNG landowners look ahead after SABL order
Customary landowners in Papua New Guinea have been meeting to discuss their next steps following last month's National Court decision to halt the cancellation of flawed land leases.
The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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25 Mar 2015 - Tunis
FSM 2015: Espace de convergence des luttes pour la terre et l'eau