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26 Sep 2014SOMO
How financialisation influences the dynamics in the food supply chain
Discussion paper for the workshop ‘Mapping the State of Play on the Global Food Landscape’ Waterloo, 25-27 September 2014.
24 Sep 2014Daily Sabah
Qatar increases its investments in Turkey's agribusiness sector
Officials from Hassad Food arrived in Turkey to make investments aiming to slake the country’s basic agricultural requirements as the small peninsula lacks sufficient arable land
24 Sep 2014GRAIN
Planet palm oil: peasants pay the price for cheap vegetable oil
Over the past fifteen years, foreign companies have signed over 60 deals covering nearly 4 million hectares in central and western Africa for the development of oil palm plantations, reports GRAIN.
24 Sep 2014AlterNet
How Wall Street's robber barons are exploiting America's farmers
The latest fast-buck fad for high-roller investment trusts, hedge funds and venture capital speculators is "farming."
24 Sep 2014Grassroots International
Video explores land grabs, development in Ethiopia
Video by Alfredo Bini explores the phenomenon of land grabs through the eyes of foreign investors, governments and the people on the land.
24 Sep 2014ODI
Video: Large scale land acquisitions and responsible investment in Africa
Presentation by Ruth Hall of PLAAS on responsible or irresponsible agricultural investment in Africa at the Future Agricultures London Policy Dialogue.
24 Sep 2014JPS
Food and finance: the financial transformation of agro-food supply chains
Land is becoming increasingly more coveted by transnational agribusiness and financial investors.
24 Sep 2014Xinhua
Ukrainian, Chinese investors launch joint agriculture project
The DARA Group and Chinese Agricultural Corporation HuanFan Qu agree on a US$58 million 5-year project to develop cereal farms, pig farms and greenhouses in the Ukraine.
22 Sep 2014This is Africa
Investing in frontier Africa
Phoenix Africa CEO Paddy Docherty interviewed by the FT This is Africa, about frontier investing in Africa.
22 Sep 2014Financial Review
Australia: China sour on dairy management
Despite all the hype around Chinese investment in the Australian dairy sector, one Chinese investor who bought a dairy farm five years ago has lost money and will not buy again.
22 Sep 2014Sudan Vision
Private sector spearheads realization of Arab food security
Sudan declares its readiness for making more arrangements and efforts for creating an attractive environment for Arab investors to contribute to achievement of the Arab food security in the Sudan.
22 Sep 2014Bloomberg
Mitsubishi bids $1.4 billion for Cermaq to expand in food
Mitsubishi Corp., Japan’s biggest trading house, proposed to buy the Norwegian fishery Cermaq ASA for $1.4 billion to expand its foods business and become the world’s second-largest salmon farmer.
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