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28 Oct 2014Global AgInvesting
Saudi Arabia facing food security issues head on
Saudi Arabia's strategy is to encourage the Saudi private sector to invest abroad using their financial surpluses, their ‘ag’ experience and the modern production and irrigation technology they have.
28 Oct 2014The Conversation
Deforestation and the rise of industrial-scale farming in Africa could lie behind Ebola outbreak
The growing Ebola virus outbreak not only highlights the tragedy enveloping the areas most affected but also offers a commentary on they way in which the political ecology in West Africa has allowed this disease to become established.
27 Oct 2014Diplomat
More than 540 civilians killed in ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia
The gruesome massacre in the Gambella region of Western Ethiopia was a direct consequence of the ill-fated land grab policy of the Ethiopian government.
27 Oct 2014Phnom Penh Post
Cambodia: One million hectares reclassified, gov’t says
More than 1 million hectares of forest terrain and land leased by private companies has been put under government control since a moratorium on new economic land concessions was initiated in May 2012.
27 Oct 2014The Land
Chinese covet cattle stations
China's ravenous demand for Australian beef could soon lead to some major cattle station purchases, with one of ­several Chinese importers, Snow Dragon Group, looking to buy land.
27 Oct 2014Zambia Daily Mail
Lufwanyama headed for edible oil boom
Wilmar subsidiary says it is targeting a total investment of US$100 million on 20,000 hectares of farmland to produce 100,000 metric tonnes of edible oils per annum.
27 Oct 2014Reuters
UAE firm set to produce 300,000 tonnes of wheat in Egypt's Toshka
UAE-based Al Dahra Agriculture aims to pump water from the country's Aswan High Dam reservoir and deliver it via a 50-kilometre canal to 100,000 acres of reclaimed farmland 60 km from the border with Sudan.
27 Oct 2014GRAIN
Harvest of hardship: Yala Swamp land grab destroys Kenyan farmers' livelihoods
A June 2014 interview with farmer Erastus Odindo about his community's struggle to defend their lands from US-based Dominion Farms
26 Oct 2014Times of Oman
Tanzania seeks Omani investment in agriculture and minerals
The Tanzanian food industry that Omani business companies can tap into is not only confined to what is grown on the field but the fishing industry as well, says speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania, Anne Makinda.
26 Oct 2014NBR
Interview: Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings
Fonterra boss Theo Spierings is "not worried” about sales of NZ productive land to foreigners so long as we are “working together” with foreign owners.
25 Oct 2014Ndar Info
Senegal : Message from the Collective of the 37 villages of the Ndiael region to the President of the Republic
The concession of 20,000 ha of Senegal River delta land occupied by poor farmers and herders to the Senhuile Company is continuing to cause social and environmental harm in the Ndiael.
24 Oct 2014Arabian Business
Kuwait's Tijaria plans Turkish farmland investment
The main objective of this investment is buying and developing pre-targeted farmlands in an area of 1,000 ha.
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