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18 Nov 2014China Daily
Changing the face of real estate in Angola
China's CITIC Construction says it has developed two 10,000 hectare farms in Angola and will invest $5 billion in a 500,000 hectare farm next year.
18 Nov 2014Global Landscapes Forum
Communities as counterparties
Review of concessions and conflict in eight emerging and frontier markets finds more than 93% of mining, oil & gas, logging, and agriculture developments involve inhabited land.
17 Nov 2014ABS-CBN
Tony Tiu's AgriNurture swings to loss
Farming revenues also plunged 64 percent, as AgriNurture closed its rice farming operations.
17 Nov 2014PLAAS
What is inclusive agricultural growth?
Agricultural investment, productivity and land rights in the context of large-scale investments
17 Nov 2014Financial Review
Australia: US fund pays $30m for Queensland grain farms
Black River Asset Management, a subsidiary of Cargill, one of the world's biggest food producers, has bought four grain-producing farms in the Darling Downs farming region between Dalby and Chinchilla.
14 Nov 2014Bloomberg
Gina Rinehart plots $500m China baby formula move
Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart is teaming up with the China National Machinery Industry Corporation to acquire a 5,000 ha dairy farm in Queensland to supply infant formula to China.
14 Nov 2014UNECA
Africa takes first important step in tackling large scale land-based investments
Continental efforts to adopt land policies for inclusive and sustainable development took a step forward with the official launch of the AU's Guiding Principles on Large Scale Land Based Investments in Africa
14 Nov 2014arc2020
Return of the Roman General: Land grabbing in Western Romania
What is the underlying rational for an Italian insurance company to invest in farmland in Romania?
14 Nov 2014Awas Mifee
Papua-wide meeting calls for 10 year moratorium on plantation and forestry industries
Indigenous communities, environmentalists and human rights defenders of West Papua gathered in Jayapura, 4-7 November 2014, to discuss problems linked to rapidly expanding plantations.
13 Nov 2014Africa Works!
Africa Works! 2014 - Interview with Josh Maiyo
Interview with Josh Maiyo of VU University Amsterdam about foreign investments in agriculture and land in Uganda.
13 Nov 2014Mail & Guardian
Big foreign money is being poured into Africa's agriculture - sadly it is not to grow food
Small-holder farmers hold key to Africa's food security, but are often excluded from debates on agricultural investments.
12 Nov 2014just-style
H&M disputes Ethiopia cotton land-grabbing claims
Fashion retailer has instructed its suppliers to ensure they do not use cotton from the Omo Valley, where there is an increased risk of land-grabbing - but admits it cannot provide an absolute guarantee.
The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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