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29 Jul 2014Cambodia Daily
Kampot villagers protest alleged land grab
About 100 villagers locked in a land dispute with an agriculture firm temporarily forced the company on Sunday to cease excavating the contested site in Kampot province.
28 Jul 2014inSerbia
Farmers protest in Serbia: ‘Most fertile land is given to Arabs’
Farmers are outraged at the Ministry of Agriculture, which leased more than 3,000 ha of the best arable land to the company “Al Rafaved” from the United Arab Emirates for 250 euros per hectare.
28 Jul 2014CityWire
Farmland in Chernobyl? Pension investments to avoid
Sipp operator warns of spike in overseas property investment schemes that could leave you short-changed.
28 Jul 2014Via Campesina
Mozambique: Peasants report land grabbing in Nacala corridor
Grabbing of land for the production of soy in Nacala corridor North of Mozambique has raised harsh criticism from the peasant organizations of Nampula, Zambezia and Niassa provinces.
28 Jul 2014UNAC
Brasil e Japão atribuem ao governo de Moçambique a responsabilidade pelo Prosavana
Os Governos de Brasil e Japão vieram em defesa dos seus países, alegando que só estão no programa porque o Governo de Moçambique assim os solicitou.
26 Jul 2014Le Soir
Quand la terre devient refuge, elle vaut de l’or
Le prix des terres agricoles belges flambe par la faute d’investisseurs étrangers au secteur. Un lobby s’est créé pour sensibiliser le monde politique et enrayer la machine.
26 Jul 2014Via Campesina
Mulheres impedidas de buscar lenha e outras culturas no corredor de Nacala
Na província de Nampula, as mulheres estão impedidas de atravessar e passar nas zonas onde as empresas operam no âmbito da ProSavana, e isso restringe o acesso a lenha e outras culturas que as mulheres habitualmente buscavam no campo.
26 Jul 2014Folha 8
Japão admite que programa agrícola moçambicano ProSavana baseia-se em polémico modelo brasileiro
Um conselheiro da embaixada do Japão em Moçambique reconheceu que o programa agrícola moçambicano ProSavana tem como modelo o Prodecer, implementado no Brasil.
25 Jul 2014Via Campesina
Mozambique: civil society organizations decided to globalize the ‘No to ProSavana’ campaign and promise to give legal responsibility to ‘perperators’
The plan of action was revealed during a Press Conference on the second Triangular Conference of the Peoples held on July the 24th, in Maputo.
25 Jul 2014APA
Pôle de croissance de Bagré : 108 investisseurs retenus
Le Gouvernement burkinabé a retenu 108 producteurs sur 737 ayant formulé une requête pour exploiter 13.023 hectares des terres aménagées du Pôle de croissance de Bagré, situé à l’Est du Burkina. 5% représente des investisseurs étrangers.
25 Jul 2014MMC
Parar com ProSavana e redefinir politicas agrícolas inclusivas e sustentáveis – exigem os povos de Moçambique, Japão e Brasil
Organizações da sociedade civil moçambicana exigem que se pare com as acções do ProSavana e que haja uma coordenação entre o governo e a sociedade civil no redesenho das politicas da agricultura.
25 Jul 2014Agrimoney
Agrokultura raises game as investor 'lifts stake'
Russian agribusiness giant Prodimex is said to have bought 27% of Stockholm-listed farmland operator Agrokultura, which has operations in Ukraine and Russia.
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