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17 Apr 2014Agrimoney
Astarta upbeat on Ukraine despite 'near-term' woes
One of the Ukraine's largest farmland owners says "ongoing changes" in Ukraine - which last month signed a political association with the European Union – would "lead to the fundamental transformation of the country".
17 Apr 2014Agrimoney
'Incredibly high' NZ land prices divert Aquila to Australia
The "incredibly high" prices of New Zealand dairy farms have prompted Aquila Capital to switch its investment drive to Australia.
17 Apr 2014CIFOR
Brazilian development ccoperation in Agriculture
A CIFOR scoping study on ProSavana in Mozambique, with implications for forests
17 Apr 2014ANBA
Dubai’s emir to discuss partnerships in Brazil
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is also travelling to Mexico, Argentina and Chile. The agenda includes negotiations for strategic partnerships, agriculture in Africa and mutual investment.
17 Apr 2014Guardian
The land rush doesn't have to end in a poor deal for Africans
There are countless examples of governments handing it over at bargain prices to foreign investors, ranging from hedge funds to biofuel producers.
17 Apr 2014Reuters
Tanzania: Complex land rights feed 'grabbing' complaints in Tanzania
The world's quest for crops to produce biofuels has triggered a wave of controversial land acquisitions in Tanzania as foreign companies jostle for land that villagers and indigenous people claim as theirs.
16 Apr 2014Financial Afrik
Zones d’ombre autour du projet Senhuile-Senéthanol (enquête)
Malgré la résistance des populations locales, l’entreprise Senhuile poursuit son projet de plantation agro-industrielle de 20 000 hectares, dans le nord-ouest du Sénégal. De nombreuses questions restent en suspens, notamment autour du montage organisationnel et financier de la société.
16 Apr 2014eKantipur
Ban on foreign capital in primary farming urged
A technical committee formed by Nepal's Ministry of Agricultural Development has recommended barring foreign investment and land ownership in primary farm production.
16 Apr 2014Act Now!
Oro government leads in the fight against illegal land grabbing
While PNG's Prime Minister sits on his hands refusing to cancel unlawful SABL leases, the Oro Provincial government is standing with its people against the Malaysian led land grab.
16 Apr 2014The National
Bitter sweet: how small Cambodian farmers are paying the price for the West’s sugar policies
Since 2006 at least 3,500 Cambodian families have been forcibly evicted from their land to make room for sugar plantations: those who resisted were violently silenced, beaten or arrested.
16 Apr 2014El Ancasti
Argentina: La “extranjerización” de las tierras catamarqueñas
El dato llamativo es que Catamarca está entre las provincias que se encuentran por encima del promedio, con un 12,08%, siendo la tercera entre las que tiene mayor porcentaje de tierra en manos extranjeras luego de Misiones y Corrientes.
16 Apr 2014APC
Peasant leader, family arrested in Hacienda Looc; PH’s haciendero President mocks UN’s 2014 International Year of Family Farming – KMP
Peasant group described as a mockery of UN-declared International Year of Family Farming the illegal arrest of peasant leader and his family in Hacienda Looc.
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