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30 Mar 2015MENAFN
Almarai announces new investments, studies acquisition
Almarai said to be among Saudi companies that plan to expand their business in Egypt, along with food oil firm Saffola and Jannat Agriculture Investment Company.
30 Mar 2015Egypt Daily News
Egypt’s farmland offers minimal incentives to Arab investors
Economist of CI Capital says farming sector requires “more corporatisation”, as the majority of the country’s arable areas of land, largely extending along the river Nile, are family-owned.
30 Mar 2015Belga
La diminution des terres agricoles belges en question les trois prochaines semaines
Le réseau "Journée mondiale des luttes paysannes" lance une campagne de sensibilisation pour attirer l'attention sur l'accès aux terres agricoles, et sur l'avenir de l'alimentation en Belgique.
30 Mar 2015Malijet
Politique paysanne du Président Ouattara
La loi ivoirienne sur le foncier rural sera-t-elle réformée pour plaire aux multinationales ?
29 Mar 2015PAN AP
29 March “Day of the Landless” Stop land grabbing! Defend human rights!
As the land and resource grabbers remain determined to take away what rightfully belongs to the people, we must be more resolute than ever in our struggle to defend land, resources and human rights. A join statement by landless peasant, farm workers, indigenous community and civil society organisation.
28 Mar 2015Reuters
Can a global map secure land rights for rural peoples?
For the 75% of world's population that has no access to formal systems of land registration or other means to safeguard their land rights, large-scale land acquisitions are a particular threat.
27 Mar 2015Flamme d'Afrique
L'Accaparement au coeur des préoccupations du FSM2015
L'accaparement des terres inquiète énormément les populations africaines. Cette situation plonge les paysans et habitants des régions concernés dans le dénuement total.
27 Mar 2015Acción Ecológica
Los sectores que se favorecen con el TLC de Ecuador con Europa: Brócoli
Dos empresas organizaron el cambio productivo en Cotopaxi: un holding y una corporación: Brownville Investment, con sede en Panamá y Corola N.V., con sede en las Antillas Holandesas
27 Mar 2015Librération
«Si les populations se battent, l’accaparement des terres s’arrêtera»
Interview avec Francis Ngang, secrétaire général d'Inades-Formation, au Forum Social Mondial
27 Mar 2015APC
APC denounces World Bank’s role in global land grabs
The Asian Peasant Coalition denounces the World Bank on its “16th Conference on Land and Poverty” that brings together corporations, governments and some civil society groups
27 Mar 2015The Standard
Naivasha’s Karuturi seals debt buyout deal, planning comeback
Deposed Indian flower firm is planning a major comeback to Kenya next month, after entering a debt deal that would enable it retake its vast farms currently under control of its creditor CFC Stanbic Bank.
27 Mar 2015The Diplomat
Burmese leaders outed by Global Witness over alleged land grabs
A new report reveals the extent of land grabbing in Myanmar, especially along the border with China.
Stop the judicial harrassment of land rights defenders in Sierra Leone! Take action to support members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association defending their lands against SOCFIN.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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