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28 Apr 2014ABC
Cambodian woman run over by harvester at ANZ-linked Phnom Penh Sugar development
One of Australia's big banks is facing scrutiny it financed a Cambodian sugar business responsible for forcing almost 500 families off their land.
26 Apr 2014ARTE
Terres arables : un marché pas comme les autres
Dans ce second numéro consacré à la vente et la location de terres arables à grande échelle, "Le Dessous des cartes" s'intéresse aux facteurs d'instabilité induits par cette compétition autour du foncier agricole
19 Apr 2014ARTE
Compétition pour les terres arables
Pour ce premier volet de l'émission consacrée au commerce des terres arables, "Le Dessous des cartes" s'intéresse aux facteurs qui ont relancé la quête mondiale de terres agricoles, et aux acteurs de ce marché.
28 Mar 2014Wall Street Journal
Should you invest in farmland?
Wealthy investors can diversify beyond stocks and bonds by owning cornfields. John Taylor of U.S. Trust says farmland produces capital gains as well as income.
27 Feb 2014Al Jazeera
Colombia: The deadly fight for land
Al Jazeera's Fault Lines investigates the threats facing Colombian farmers struggling to return to their land.
26 Feb 2014RFA
Asia's great land grab
Rising tension over land seizures is emerging as a critical issue in Asia. An RFA special report examines the changing dynamic of Asia’s Great Land Grab.
18 Feb 2014Oxfam Internacional
Proyecto de Ley de Baldíos o "Ley Urrutia" en Colombia
El evento pretendió ofrecer argumentos, análisis e interpretaciones del proyecto de Ley de Baldíos , por parte de las organizaciones de base, organizaciones nacionales y organizaciones de cooperación internacional
29 Jan 2014Al Jazeera
Ethiopia - Land for sale
As the economy thrives, filmmakers Veronique Mauduy and Romain Pelleray examine the plight of Ethiopians forced from their land to make way for foreign investors.
22 Jan 2014RFA
Lao farmers confront police over land grab
A citizen video shows a rare confrontation between authorities and villagers in Bokeo Province, Northern Laos, where villagers gathered to block construction workers from digging up their rice fields for a Chinese investor.
16 Jan 2014Donor Platform
Land governance programme map
On January 22 a comprehensive database on land and resource governance programmes funded by members of the Global Donor Working Group on Land will be presented during the AGA in Paris.
07 Jan 2014PatWhite
«Sans terre, c’est la faim», un documentaire coup de poing signé Amy Miller
Sans terre, c’est la faim est un film coup-de-poing qui explore le revers du phénomène mondial d’accaparement de terres à des fins industrielles
20 Dec 2013FUHEM
Las semillas de la discordia
El documental está grabado en una pequeña comunidad del norte de Mozambique, en la provincia de Niassa, donde una compañía, Chikweti, establecida con inversiones de iglesias suecas y noruegas y del fondo de pensiones holandés ABP, está creando grandes plantaciones de árboles.

Farmers in Nigeria's Taraba State refuse to give up their lands for massive rice plantation project backed by the G8. Email Dominion Farms and ask them to listen to the demands of the local community.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

Who's involved?

23 Feb 2015 - Dubai
Global AgInvesting Middle East 2015
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08 Mar 2015 - New York
Executive Training Program on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture
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