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17 Sep 2013HRW
Colombia: Victims face reprisals for reclaiming land
Internally displaced Colombians face killings and widespread death threats for attempting to reclaim their land, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
17 Sep 2013Inclusive Development
EU’s Everything But Arms initiative is impoverishing Cambodian farmers
An EU trade initiative intended to reduce poverty in the world’s poorest countries has driven thousands of Cambodian farming families into destitution and led to serious human rights violations, says new report
06 Sep 2013Al Jazeera
Thousands displaced by Guatemala's land grabs
Hundreds of families remain displaced despite government promises to give land to thousands of people evicted two and a half years ago to make way for sugar and palm oil plantations.
04 Sep 2013Belga
Manifestation contre la spéculation alimentaire et les agrocarburants
Une cinquantaine de militants ont manifesté ce mercredi matin devant le Parlement européen, à Bruxelles, pour dénoncer la spéculation sur les produits alimentaires et les terres arables, ainsi que le recours aux agrocarburants dans le secteur des transports.
01 Sep 2013Donor Platform
First global donor working group on land
On the margins of the annual World Bank land and poverty conference in April a donor roundtable agreed to establish a first global donor working group on land, which was launched recently. Video interview with the first chair of the group, from DFID.
26 Aug 2013Youtube
Colombia: se quedaron con la tierra, ahora van por la semilla
Corficolombiana, compañía del grupo AVAL, no sólo acapara tierras con antecedente de baldío, sino que también es propietaria de semillas certificadas, cuyo uso el gobierno pretende imponer a los campesinos.
22 Aug 2013ARTE
Les semences de la colère
Paysans expulsés, pollution des sols, déforestation, empoisonnements... : quel poids pèsent les dégâts sociaux et environnementaux face aux profits générés par la monoculture intensive du soja génétiquement modifié ?
20 Aug 2013Oxfam
Africa has spoken! First ever Pan African Land Grab Hearing
Hearing gives voice to the stories of communities affected by land grabs in Africa and brings the land grab issue to policy makers and influential people and groups.
20 Aug 2013LibreAfrique
Accaparement des terres africaines : une interview éclairante...
Quelle est l'importance du phénomène ? LibreAfrique a interviewé un spécialiste de la question, Raphaël Alomar.
14 Aug 2013Polo Democrático Alternativo
Colombia: Violación a la ley, corrupción y complicidad del gobierno de Santos
Durante un bien documentado debate y con sólidas pruebas, el senador Jorge Enrique Robledo demostró cómo algunas empresas con la complicidad de poderosos bufetes de abogados se han apropiado ilegalmente de baldíos.
10 Aug 2013BBC
How Indian flower power is changing Ethiopian lives
India and China are pushing heavily to open new markets in Africa but how do the local people feel about the results? BBC News video report.
08 Aug 2013KTN
Karuturi flower farm workers go on strike
Business came to a halt at the expansive Karuturi flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya, after its over 3,000 workers downed tools demanding their July salaries.
Take action against the continued judicial harassment of human rights defender Nasako Besingi by writing to the authorities of Cameroon.

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