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09 Dec 2013Youtube
Acaparamiento de tierras y DH en Colombia
En una carta publicada recientemente, critican la ley de víctimas y restitución de tierras, 25 eurodiputados expresaron su preocupación por la acumulación de tierras y el intento del gobierno por modificar la ley, favoreciendo las grandes empresas.
06 Dec 2013Oakland Institute
On our land
Film chronicles the experiences of communities in PNG--giving a voice to those who are losing their land and natural resources to illegal logging operations and palm oil companies.
04 Dec 2013World Bulletin
Brazilian indigenous leader murdered
A Brazilian indigenous leader who spent decades campaigning for his tribe’s right to live on their ancestral land was murdered on Sunday night
30 Nov 2013Folha de S.Paulo
Ministro moçambicano vê 'conspiração' em críticas ao plano de produção de alimentos
O ministro da Agricultura de Moçambique, José Condungua Pacheco, vê uma "conspiração" nas críticas ao ProSavana.
30 Nov 2013The Ecologist
China accused of stealth land grab over Mozambique's great rice project
China led the reclamation of the largest abandoned rice farm in Mozambique, with the blessing of the authorities. But now the company involved is accused of land grabbing and displacing thousands.
31 Oct 2013On Our Land
On Our Land: a documentary film about land grabs in Papua New Guinea
On Our Land chronicles the experiences of rural communities in Papua New Guinea who are being dispossessed of their land and natural resources through illegal logging operations and exposes the resulting destruction to local communities and the environment.
28 Oct 2013Journeyman Pictures
Ethiopia - Land for sale (Video)
Ethiopia's huge agricultural output has brought about an economic miracle for the nation. But inhabitants are being pushed out of their native land by foreign investors and have no share in the profits.
10 Oct 2013UNAC
ProSavana e face oculta do Prodecer
Desde seu lançamento, o ProSavana é acusado de tentar destruir a agricultura moçambicana por meio de uma “invasão de megaprodutores brasileiros”, que “se utilizariam de financiamento japonês”, em uma “repetição do processo que destruiu o Cerrado brasileiro”.
07 Oct 2013Films de l'Oeil
No land no food no life
The film "No Land No Food No Life" examines the challenges and struggles farmers face despite the exultation they experience in their fight to retain control of their land.
02 Oct 2013FIAN
Seeds of discontent
Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch investors in Mozambique land grab: powerful new documentary gives a compelling visual portrait of how investment by private financial players can undermine food security and human rights in developing countries.
02 Oct 2013Videohuma
Hutan Adat Paska Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi No. 35
Tahun 2012 mengatakan bahwa Hutan Adat Bukan lagi bagian dari Hutan Negara. Film ini berisi penjelasan dan penegasan para tokoh instansi negara, pakar hukum dan masyarakat adat mengenai Putusan MK No. 35. (English subtitles)
26 Sep 2013KTN
Karuturi workers demonstrate along Naivasha Nakuru highway over their pay
Workers of the troubled Karuturi farms in Kenya went on strike to demand their two months salaries. The incident came two days after four workers tried to commit suicide outside the farm's gates in protest.
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