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22 Mar 2013Engage Media
Ironic Survival
Video on the struggles of the Malind of Papua to defend their lands from the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate.
20 Mar 2013YouTube
Le grand accaparement des terres agricoles
"Avec la bénédiction de l'Agence Française de Développement et la Banque Européenne d'investissement l'accaparement de terres agricoles par des financiers de l'agrobusiness et des fonds spéculatifs se poursuit..."
15 Mar 2013Gelongal
Bideew Bou Bess - Ma Terre Ma Vie
Bideew bou bess s'insurge contre la politique de l'accaparement des terres du monde rural au profit des investisseurs privilégiés au détriment des populations.
15 Mar 2013PIEL
Development or land grabbing? Legal challenges to the global land rush
Keynote Speaker 'International Investment Law: Reconciling Policy and Principle': Prof. Surya Subedi, OBE (University of Leeds) (video)
07 Mar 2013NBR
Canadians look south to invest in agriculture
Mark Wiseman, chief executive of the $A170 billion fund, will visit Australia this month amid the group’s expanding portfolio of interests across the Tasman.
26 Feb 2013IWJ
Why the Mozambican farmers issued a statement protesting Japanese aid for an agriculture project?
Video of a seminar in Hokkaido, Japan on the ProSavana project featuring representatives of UNAC.
25 Feb 2013ENDA Pronat
Ma terra, ma vie
Video produit par Enda Pronat sur l'accaparement des terres au Sénégal
19 Feb 2013RSTV
India's World - Indian firms in Africa land rush
Discussion about Indian companies grabbing land for food production in Africa
19 Feb 2013Uypress
Uruguay: El senador Agazzi pone en el centro del debate la extranjerización de la tierra
La propiedad y la productividad de la tierra así como los tributos que sobre ella puede resolver un gobierno son temas emergentes de la agenda política nacional luego que se declarara inconstitucional el ICIR.
15 Feb 2013EuropAfrica
Terre brûlée - voix de la nouvelle frontière de la colonisation
Ce vidéo s’interroge sur les conséquences et les impacts de l'accaparement de terres (500.000 ha) en Congo au niveau du droit à l'alimentation.
14 Feb 2013
Global land grabs on Valentine’s Day at IATP
Video of the seminar on global land grabs and food sovereignty featuring Alexandra Spieldoch, Jim Harkness of IATP and Redwan Hamaza of the Oromia Human Rights and Justice Council.
13 Feb 2013Palvraberta
O projeto Prosavana - uma visão menos maquiada
Entrevista com o governo federal deputado Luiz Nishimori
Do you know a frontline human rights activist who works on problems associated with food sovereignty? Does this person need a respite from their work? Apply for the Oak Human Rights Fellowship by Dec. 5

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