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15 Apr 2014Arab News
Saudi firm moves toward 100% use of imported animal feeds 
Almarai has recently received the first shipment of feed estimated at 39 thousand tons coming from farms owned by the company in Argentina.
15 Apr 2014DW
Global Witness: 'Environmentalist murders escalating worldwide'
"The key drivers are the expansion of industrial logging trade, land grabs by agribusiness and mining projects."
15 Apr 2014EIN
Cola giants back Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure
Both the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo have vowed to increase their participation in the Committee on World Food Security.
15 Apr 2014Business Mirror
Farmers hit land-use conversion in Nasugbu, Batangas, to avoid CARP
Farmers express alarm over alleged massive land-use conversion, which targets productive agricultural lands supposed to be covered by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.
14 Apr 2014APA
Senegal farmers, pastoralists complain of “land-grabbing”
Over nine thousand farmers and pastoralist in St. Louis in the north of Senegal are facing possible evictions from their land as multi-national agro-industries scramble for agricultural land in the region.
12 Apr 2014Al Jazeera
Is the World Bank enabling agribusiness land grabs?
The policies of the World Bank are encouraging land grabs in the developing world, writes Anuradha Mittal.
12 Apr 2014ABC
Rules for foreign investment in farmland 'won't change' despite free trade talks with China
Trade Minister Andrew Robb has assured his Coalition colleagues there will be no changes to foreign investment rules on farmland as part of a trade deal with China.
10 Apr 2014Ndarinfo
Grogne autour du projet Sen Huile : le collectif de Ndiael dénonce une « nouvelle forme de colonisation ».
Le Projet Sen Huile provoque d’intenses turpitudes dans le Ndiael où les populations s’offusquent que les bouleversements environnementaux occasionnés par le démarrage des travaux.
10 Apr 2014Oakland Institute
Willful blindness at the World Bank
As the spring meetings of the World Bank get under way, 180 organizations demand that the World Bank end its Doing Business rankings and its support of the rampant theft of land and resources from some of the world’s poorest people.
10 Apr 2014Oakland Institute
L'aveuglement volontaire de la Banque Mondiale
Alors que les réunions de printemps de la Banque Mondiale vont s’ouvrir, 180 groupes demandent que la Banque mette fin à ses classements Doing Business et à ses activités soutenant l’accaparement des terres et des ressources naturelles.
09 Apr 2014Business Day
Ogun launches 10 hectares cassava pilot farm
The pilot farm, which will serve as a prelude to a bigger 4,000 hectares cassava farm by Flour Mills of Nigeria and other investors, is supported by the USAID.
09 Apr 2014World News
Egypt eyes more Gulf investment on back of agricultural deal
Egypt plans to lease 25,200 hectares of agricultural land this year to a firm affiliated with an Arab investment body, its agriculture minister said,
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