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22 Dec 2014The Land
Goodfellow takes on China role
Agribusiness executive David Goodfellow is heading up a project for Zhejiang RIFA Holding Group to build an Australian livestock property portfolio of similar scale to Macquarie Bank's big Paraway Pastoral business.
22 Dec 2014PNG Mine Watch
Collingwood Bay communities take on threat of mining after SABL land grab victory
Communities in the Collingwood Bay area of Oro Province, Papua New Guinea are fighting plans for mining on their customary land after winning a court victory against illegal leases for logging and oil palm held by Malaysia's KLK.
21 Dec 2014WSJ
Japan’s farmers brace for change
“There are foreign investors that would like to own their own land and bring products out under their own brand, if only investment companies were permitted,” says CEO of Mitsui.
20 Dec 2014FoodTank
FoodTank | 20 December 2014 What Happened to the Biggest Land Grab in Africa? Searching for ProSavana in Mozambique
What if you threw a lavish party for foreign investors, and no one came? By all accounts, that is what’s happening in Mozambique’s Nacala Corridor.
19 Dec 2014Stabroek News
Foot-dragging on regional food production
A group of potential investors from Trinidad and Tobago were in Guyana last week to scout local lands suitable for large-scale farming initiatives, as part of an MOU between the two countries signed last year.
19 Dec 2014EM TV
SABL investigation: O’Neill says bureaucracy not responding
The SABL became a national and an international issue when it was uncovered that 5.2 million ha of customary land in PNG were converted to agricultural business leases without the knowledge and consent of customary landowners.
18 Dec 2014BBC
Villagers losing their land to Malawi's sugar growers
We met dozens of families with land circling Dwangwa town in central Malawi, who said they had been driven out to make way for larger, industrial farm-projects.
18 Dec 2014BelTA
UAE invited to invest in Belarusian agricultural companies
Top on the agenda of talks between Belarus and the UAE was the purchase of land to produce grain crops in Belarus for their subsequent export to the United Arab Emirates.
17 Dec 2014Natura Sciences
Une entreprise sénégalaise accapare la presqu’île de Lyon
Peuples Solidaires – ActionAid France diffuse un faux numéro de « 20 minutes » imaginant l’accaparement de la presqu’île de Lyon par des investisseurs sénégalais pour produire de la canne à sucre.
17 Dec 2014APS
9.500 emplois attendus du PDIDAS, selon sa coordinatrice
Le PDIDAS s’assurera que les droits d’utilisation des terres (10 000 ha) sont attribués aux opérateurs privés d’une manière inclusive et durable bénéficiant à l’ensemble de la communauté.
17 Dec 2014Antara News
Bupati Mimika resmi cabut izin perkebunan sawit PT PAL
Bupati Mimika, Papua, secara resmi telah menerbitkan surat keputusan penghentian total aktivitas PT Pusaka Agro Lestari (PAL), perusahaan perkebunan kelapa sawit di kawasan hutan Iwaka.
17 Dec 2014aGter
État des lieux des cadres normatifs et des directives volontaires concernant le foncier
AGTER passe au crible les cadres volontaires internationaux existants, dont les Directives volontaires approuvées en mai 2012 et les principes RAI adoptés en octobre 2014
The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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