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21 Nov 2014Reuters
Congo plantation improvement plan follows TRF investigation
One of Africa’s largest palm oil investors announces plans to improve social infrastructure, a week after a Reuters investigation found that its poorly paid plantation workers were living in dilapidated homes with poor social services.
21 Nov 2014Financial Review
Terra Firma to sell Aus beef stake
London-based private equity titan Terra Firma is mulling a partial sale of Australia's largest privately owned beef producer, after being approached by several Chinese companies.
21 Nov 2014Vox
Why Wall Street investors and Chinese firms are buying farmland all over the world
A new study in Environmental Research Letters finds that at least 126 countries are now involved in purchasing or selling global farmland.
21 Nov 2014Western Producer
Canada: Gov’t must address land investment deals
The aggressive attempts of investment concerns to acquire large tracts of Saskatchewan farmland should be among the issues addressed in the fall sitting of the Saskatchewan legislature.
21 Nov 2014TV4
Hard Facts, episoe 8 "HM"
Sweden's TV4 investigates the multinational retail clothing company H&M's possible involvement in landgrabbing in Ethiopia.
21 Nov 2014Nouvel Horizon
« Aujourd’hui, le Mali est confronté à une mauvaise gouvernance foncière »
La privatisation des régimes fonciers fait une incise dans les modes de gouvernance foncière, même si le mode dominant reste celui des régimes fonciers coutumiers, hybridés ou dégénérés.
20 Nov 2014Manila Standard
Salim preempts San Miguel, ties up with Malaysia’s Kuok
First Pacific's partnership with Kuok may have virtually killed San Miguel’s planned $1-billion joint agriculture project with the Malaysian tycoon.
20 Nov 2014SUNA
MoU signed for agricultural investment fund
Sudan signs an MOU for the establishment of an agriculture investment fund with a Lebanese company owned by Fras Badra that is pursuing an 87,000 ha alfalfa project.
19 Nov 2014Mongabay
Palm oil interest surges in Papua New Guinea
As the lands of traditional palm oil powerhouses like Indonesia and Malaysia have become saturated with plantations, companies looking to profit have turned to areas of tropical forest elsewhere – like Papua New Guinea.
19 Nov 2014inSerbia
German company to open pig farm in Serbia
Germany’s largest meat producer Clemens Toennies will finalise a deal for a pig farm with 1,500,000 animal units on 15,000 hectares of land in Serbia.
19 Nov 2014Le Républicain
Mali : Directives volontaires pour une gouvernance responsable des régimes fonciers
La CNOP estime que leur application sera cruciale pour la sécurisation des droits fonciers, surtout au Mali où l’accaparement des terres est en passe de devenir le sport favoris de certains spéculateurs.
18 Nov 2014Bloomberg
Greenland in talks to acquire Australian food and wine companies
Chinese state-owned company, Greenland Holding Group, is in talks with Australian agricultural companies on possible takeovers and plans to complete its first deal in six months.
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