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20 Oct 2014FIAN
Land grabbing and human rights in Mali
A new report by FIAN informs about the human rights violations of communities affected by land grabbing in Mali
20 Oct 2014Dawn
Why Gulf money did not flow into agriculture?
Pakistan is now turning to agribusiness rather than land sales as a means of luring Gulf investment.
20 Oct 2014ABC
Foreign investment concerns loom large as Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb talks up China Free Trade Agreement
Some Australian farmers are voicing their concerns about the growing presence of foreign investment in their region.
20 Oct 2014The Land
QAF exits Victorian dairy with sale to ACE Farming
Listed Singaporean company QAF, ­formerly known as Bunge, has sold out its last dairy farm in Australia to the European pension fund-backed ACE Farming for close to $5 million.
20 Oct 2014ReAct
Bolloré et les communautés locales touchées entament les négociations
Vendredi 24 octobre, les représentants des communautés issues de 5 pays (Cameroun, Cambodge, Libéria, Côte d’Ivoire et Sierra Leone) touchées par les accaparements de terre ont rendez-vous à Paris avec le groupe Bolloré pour entamer les négociations.
18 Oct 2014FSA 2014
Déclaration de Dakar contre l'accaparement de l'eau et des terres
Nous appelons les sociétés civiles, les mouvements sociaux, les ONGs et les syndicats, à partir du Forum Social Africain, à adopter cette plateforme et soutenir ses revendications avec tous les moyens à disposition.
18 Oct 2014ASF 2014
Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing
We call on civil society, social movements, NGOs and trade unions from the Africa Social Forum to endorse this declaration and support its claims by all available means.
18 Oct 2014Pakistan Observer
Food security and control over land
The increase of international corporate land grabbing with the collusion of state Ministers, Senators and bureacrats has exacerbated the situation of unemployment and food insecurity in Pakistan
18 Oct 2014Panos
Amadou Seidi Djigo, Oxfam Intermon en Mauritanie : « Concilier objectifs du développement et droits des populations »
Entretien sur l’accaparement de terres au Forum social africain Dakar 2014
17 Oct 2014Enquête
Ouverture du 7ème FSA : Sous le signe de la résistance en Afrique
L’accaparement des terres est une problématique autour de laquelle les acteurs du forum échangeront pour trouver des alternatives.
17 Oct 2014Xinhua
China's Jilin Province seeks agro cooperation with Zambia
Zambian government says about 3,000 hectares of land was available for the Chinese province to establish its agricultural production and assured it of the Zambian government's support and cooperation.
17 Oct 2014The Standard
Chinese-backed consortium wants to buy up south-west dairy farms
A consortium hoping to buy dozens of south-west dairy farms aims to operate “on a scale not considered in Australia before,” a spokesman for the consortium says.
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