Neocolonialism: DAEWOO intimidates the peasants of SAVA to get them to sell 10 000 ha of land in one bloc this year
Published: 29 Apr 2009
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Comment by RO:

Less than two weeks ago, DAEWOO informed the public through the press that it stopped its plans for large-scale plantation in Madagascar. However, it was only a diversion to keep the local press away. In fact, the company has just changed its name to "Madagascar Tsako SARLU", with its head office in the same place in Ivandry. The company plans to acquire, under a "rent-free" arrangement, 10 000 ha of land in one bloc in the Vohémar district of the SAVA region before the next maize growing season starts in November 2009. These lands are currently being used by vanilla growers.

After the failure of the "topdown" land acquisition strategy borrowed from the Indonesian model of the former dictator Suharto (Indonesia being one of the countries where the South Korean company has extensive land concessions, estimated at more than 6 million hectares), the company's new strategy is to fool the local peuple, through their village organisations, to voluntarily give up their land in the name of local development by having them sign a statement acknowledging public-private partnerships in which the company commits to work for rural development through the construction of public infrastructure and then to change to contents of the statement without the knowledge of the other signatories. In the business world, whether Malagasy or international, this company is famous for breaking contracts and ignoring administrative procedures.